Headed to Austin!


Hey all! We’re thrilled to be a part of the Out of Bounds 2014 Comedy Festival! We’re performing this Saturday, August 30th, at 7:30pm, so if you happen to be in Austin, Texas, come on out to the show!

While we’re there, we’ll be updating all our social medias with in front of, during, and behind the scenes photos, tweets, experiences, highlights, and filthy, filthy secrets. In the meantime, check out our sweet Unisex page on the OOBFest website! YEA!

And special shout out to KL Thomas for the above photo!

CLASSIC HORROR-ible cinema: “Pieces” – Elevator scene

First off, Pieces is a must watch! Poorly-dubbed, sex crazed idiot teens in heat get chainsaw’d to death and hilarity ensues. It’s got some great moments of terrible acting…

…lots of bewbs, some hanging wanging, and boy does the film deliver on it’s title’s promise. But nothing quite tops the Elevator Scene, in which, late at night, an innocent woman knowingly enters an elevator with a man dressed from head to toe in black, despite very recent, gruesome murders in the area. But if that wasn’t enough to tip her off, watch as she somehow misses the killer subtley hiding a bright yellow chainsaw behind his back as he enters the elevator with her.

Of course I’d never wish such an untimely death upon any fictional moron, but it just seems that there may have been at least one bright YELLOW flag that this lady may have missed. But my my, is it funny when she finally notices he’s holding something that easily takes up an entire shelf at Home Depot. I’d almost believe it more if she’d asked if he had just bought the chainsaw and was bringing it home to trim the evening bushes. Or maybe he was headed to a surprise birthday party for a lumberjack and hadn’t had a chance to wrap his gift yet. Or maybe he simply needed it to fix a sticky elevator button. But no, somehow she misses it entirely. Watch it again, her inability to look slightly down is astonishing.

But not every scene is this crudely hilarious. Be warned, the water bed scene for instance, is quite humorlessly brutal.

It’s streaming now on Hulu, so if you Hulu, you should Hulu it.



Zach Attack!

Zach Garner  performs in Unisex shows sometimes, and he’s very funny. As you will see in this video, he is also crazy. Here’s Zach’s latest invention, Darby Ferarri: rail slider.

Darby Ferrari is recognized as a virtuoso rail slider since the age of 3 when he went down backwards on the banister in his home. His consistency and effortless style of rail sliding led Darby from his hometown of West New York, NJ to East New York, NY. His passion for rail sliding and doing the Dew with his friends led to his breakout Green Light Studio video in 2014. With help from Mountain Dew, Darby will be competing in the big international rail slide competition in Orlando, Florida this year.”