We Proved It All Night

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images_curators_wfmuAs you know I’ve been writing for Prove it All Night, a very cool punk rock variety show on WFMU, America’s favorite freeform radio station. Our last show was a whole barrel of fun, our guests included Tom Scharpling, Joe Pera, Jaqueline Novak, Mikey Erg and Joe Cool. We also pulled off the most insane finale we’ve done thus far…it has to be seen to be believed. Luckily the lovely Mindy Tucker documented the whole night with awesome photos!

The show is now up on WFMU archive: Listen to it here! 

Photo by Mindy Tucker http://bit.ly/1EAISH3 Photo by Mindy Tucker

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3 More Days Until Sketch Block January StemFest, And We Got Unisex:


We’ll be at Sketch Block tomorrow night! In the meantime, check out Jason’s new “January Movie”, a single trailer for all of the terrible movies that come out in January. EVERY JANUARY.

Originally posted on Sketch Block Podcast:

Only 3 more days until Sketch Block January StemFest. Don’t miss live new sketches from our House Team, Unisex!!!!!
For now, enjoy their newest short JANUARY MOVIE:

Unisex Links:


Don’t forget your beakers this Wednesday night at Under St. Marks Theater, https://www.facebook.com/events/1516129648648371/

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A Holiday of Horrors!

We are very excited to announce we are doing a show with our buddies The Grape Dutches of York this Friday.

We invite you to celebrate the holiday season with us at The Treehouse Theater on 12/5 at 8PM. And by celebrate we mean eviscerate.

There will be NEW sketches, laughs, screams, and candy canes!!


The Treehouse Theater is on 29th street in between 6th & 7th ave. (154 W 29th street-2nd floor)

Tickets $10 – available at the door

WFMU Show Tonight!


Tabitha and Jason join the writing team of this very special and very crazy live show at WFMU, hosted by their pal, Pat Byrne.

Prove It All Night !

Wreckless Eric!
Adam Newman
Emmy Blotnick
Nate Fernald
Jo Firestone
Show is $5 and the doors open at 9:30
43 Montgomery St. Jersey City NJ 07302

Write if You Get Work

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My one-woman show, Write if You Get Work, is premiering in the 2014 Bad Theater Festival!
I’m psyched because this is the first time I’ll be performing this collection of stories about the weird, ridiculous jobs I’ve had as well as the horrible periods of unemployment/depression I had after I lost my job in 2008. Awesome, right?!?! I’ve done some of this material here and there as stand-up sets, and now it’s available in theatrical form. Come on out and see my lie-down comedy show.

It’s playing on Friday October 17th @ 9pm and Saturday November 1st @ 9pm at the new Treehouse Theater, 154 W 29th Street. Tickets are available here.

And check out the sweet poster my brother Shane made!

Poster design by SM Vidaurri Illustrated by SM Vidaurri


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Austin Wrap-up!

And we’re back!

Unisex had a great time in Austin, performing comedy and eating way more BBQ than the human body comfortably allows. Which reminds me, if you find yourself in Austin, TX do not forget to consume mass quantities of cured meats at Scotty’s BBQ. No, they did not pay for this sought after ad space, we just liked it that much.

As for The Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival, this past Saturday night we performed at the Hideout Theater, which served as a central hub for #oobfest.


Here’s some photos taken during the show!

photo (3)

photo (8)

photo (6)

We even gave away a slightly water-damaged original vinyl pressing of the hit single “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” from the mysteriously successful film “Mannequin”. We asked a trivia question at the end of our set. It went as such:

Q: Which one of our sketches performed tonight had a dick-joke in it?

The correct answer was “ALL of them!” And to the lucky lady who won, we hope you’re dancing around your living room right now to the sweet sounds of Starship. Also, we apologize for signing the LP cover, as we are well aware it has lowered it’s value, which, when we bought it, was $1.

Mannequin album prize

Here we are just before awarding the prize! If you look closely, you’ll see Tabitha is having second thoughts about giving it away.

photo (1)

Sunburnt and stomachs bloated, we have returned to NYC, and are looking forward to performing two shows with new sketches next week. We’ll be tweetering more info about those soon. Until then, here’s a fun game! It’s the poster for #oobfest which doubles as a word search. See if you can find our name!


How long did it take for you to realize it was alphabetical? Hopefully not as long as it took us.

And before we close out this post, we have to mention one of our favorite fest highlights, De La Thwazz. This linguistically-gifted duo really brought the fun, as well as a slew of new additions to the English lan-gwazz (this makes more sense if you watch the link above). Highly suggest you check them out if you’re ever in Denver, CO.

Thanks for having us Austin, what a great way to end the summer!